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The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution is a non profit organization affiliated with the Ohio Society and National Society of SAR, whose members have proven ancestry to patriotic activity during the Revolutionary War and founding of these United States of America.

Our mutual goals are Historical, Patriotic and Educational in nature with an intent to preserve the ideals that fueled the founding of this nation based upon concepts of freedom and liberty which had never before been experienced in governing or by those governed. Those ideals created a fabric that is now revered throughout the world, but subject to being a target by tyrants and those who wish to taint those beliefs upon which America was founded.

Because of the strength that enabled our forefathers to succeed in the battle to defend the freedoms and their wisdom, we have accepted as our way of life actions and creeds needed even today, both on the battlefields and in our public institutions; we continue the stories of our ancestors, tell of their beliefs and endeavor to inspire todays people and future generations.

In schools we award and reward oral, written and physical symbols of national pride and patriotic activity. On patriotic anniversaries we march in support to those principles of patriotism. We demonstrate the appearance of those revolutionary times and tell the stories that strengthen our beliefs and national symbols. We both honor and respect our veterans, who more recently risked their lives to continue the tenants of freedom and liberty. We welcome new peoples to our country who have demonstrated the same objectives as our founders.

We regularly pledge and reaffirm our commitment to this Constitutional Republic as we continue to remember the obligation and values our forefathers fully expected us to defend.

Michael B. Gunn, Ph.D.
President of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution



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