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Revolutionary Sites and War Graves Chairman:
Michael Gunn


October 18th - Wesleyan Cemetery
Revolutionary War Veterans Memorial Dedication

Cincinnati, Ohio

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October 18th -
Abraham Roll, (1759 – 1827)
He was a Private as well as a patriot providing material aid to the Continental army. Wesleyan Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio
John Roll, Jr., (1733 – after 1808)
Born in Germany, he was a Private in the Morris County, New Jersey Militia. Wesleyan Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio

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April 19th - Williamsburg Township Cemetery
Revolutionary War Veterans Memorial Dedication

Williamsburg, Ohio

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April 19th - James Kain, Jr. 1749-1815
Guard for Continental Congress - Corporal and Sargent
Private - 5th Company, 8th Battalion, Captain Samuel Boyd
1782 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Militia
Williamsburg Township Cemetery

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April 19th - Spring Grove Cemetery
Revolutionary War Veterans Memorial Rededication

Cincinnati, Ohio

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April 19th - Joshua Wyeth Sr. 1758-1829
Participant in the Boston Tea Party
Captain Newell’s Company, Massachusetts Line
Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio

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Click here to read the firsthand Revolutionary reminiscence of throwing the tea overboard in Boston Harbor by Joshua Wyeth

August 16th - Joel Green,1757-died of old age
St. Francis Seraph Church, Cincinnati, Ohio
Joel Green enlisted at the beginning of the War in Captain John Wiley’s company in the 25th Connecticut Regiment under Colonel Joseph Spencer. After several engagements he was taken prisoner at the battle of Long Island.

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October 12th - Woodmansee Sugar Valley Farm
Cemetery Rededication

Hamilton, Ohio 45011

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April 17th - Sunbury Cemetery, Montgomery County, German Township, Ohio
Michael Emrick (Emerick) 1756-1820, Berks County, Lt., Pennsylvania Militia


April 19th - Hopewell Cemetery, Montgomery,
Hamilton County, Ohio
Christian Crist, 1745-1814, Fort Montgomery, New York Regiment
Jacob Felter, 1768-1841, Orange County, New York Militia
John Meeker, 1759-1835, Elizabeth, New Jersey Classified Militia 1777-8 as a guard patrolling the lines
Jacob Roosa, 1749-1831, 2nd Regiment, Ulster County, New York Militia and 3rd Regiment of Col. Gansevort
Cornelius Snyder, 1762-1822, Orange County, New York Militia, 4th Regiment
Nathaniel Terwilliger, 1746-1785, 4th Regiment, Orange County, New York Militia
April 19th - Ayer Cemetery, Anderson Township,
Hamilton County, Ohio
Ebenezer Ayer, 1761-1818, New Jersey Militia

August - Woodmansee Sugar Valley Cemetery, Butler County, Liberty Township, Ohio

David Griffis, 1758-1839, Berkshire Co., Mass. Continental, Pvt.
Nicholas Miller, 1749-1833, Allegheny Co., PA, Capt.
James Woodmansee, 1732-1818, Monmouth Co., NJ Militia, Pvt.


November 8th - Rose Hill Cemetery, Anderson Township, Hamilton County, Ohio
Matthias Felter, ?-?Orange County, New Jersey Militia
John Ferris, Sr., 1757-1800, 4th New York Regiment
Gershom Hubbell, 1766-?, New York Regiment of Artillery
William Neves, 1756-1838, Prison Guard at Albermarle Barracks
John Rose, 1760-1837, New Jersey Militia
May 6th - Samuel Strode Family Cemetery, Maysville, Mason
County, Kentucky
Samuel Strode, 1754-1842, Sergeant Continental Line
August - Presbyterian-Fulton Cemeteries 1795, Columbia Township, Hamilton County, Ohio. 

Jacob Allen, 1763-1846, New Jersey Continental Army, Pvt.
John Campbell, 1750-1839, Virginia, Battle at Guilford Court House NC 1781
John W. Langdon, 1759-1842, Massachusetts, served at Ticonderoga
Hermanius Taulman, 1731-1796, New York, 11 months a prisoner of the British 
John Hammond, 1753-1840, New Jersey
Robert Tolman, ?-1794, New Jersey
Alexander Barr, ?-1785, Colonel., 1st Btn. Westmoreland Co., PA Militia, killed by Indians on the Ohio River


July 21st - Reading Protestant Cemetery, Reading,
Sycamore Township, Hamilton County, Ohio
Jehial Day, 1758-1834, New Jersey Militia


May 30th - Ohio & Pennsylvania dual dedications:
Freeport Cemetery, Freeport, Armstrong County,
South Buffalo Township, Pennsylvania
John Craig, 1753-1850, Captain Pennsylvania Line
Historical site marking for the Freeport Blockhouse 1792
Captain John Craig, Commander


September 4th - Finneytown Cemetery, Finneytown, Springfield Township, Ohio
Ebenezer Ward Finney, 1755-1822, New York Army
David Sprong, 1763-1842, Albany County, New York Militia
July 24th - Pioneer Memorial Cemetery
Columbia Township, Cincinnati, Ohio
William Brown, 1761-1804, Connecticut Line One of first two soldiers to receive the Purple Heart (May 3, 1783)
for service as Commander of "Forlorn Hope" at the Siege of Yorktown and first American soldier to be appointed a non-commissioned officer by General George Washington.


July 3rd - Lebanon Cemetery, Lebanon, 
Warren County, Ohio
Lawrence Monfort, 1753-1830, York County, Pennsylvania Militia


November 14th - Hartman Cemetery, Marathon, 
Clermont County, Ohio
Christopher Hartman, 1750-1833, New Jersey Militia
May 25th - Red Lion Cemetery, Red Lion, Clear Creek Township, Warren County, Ohio
Moses Crosley, 1764-1843, Maryland Militia


Flag Day, June 14th - Congress Green Cemetery, North Bend, Miami Township, Hamilton County, Ohio
William Rittenhouse, ?-1831, Pennsylvania Militia
Timothy Symmes, 1744-1797, New Jersey Militia
A ceremony also honored the following whose grave site
had an existing sarcophagus: John Cleves Symmes, 1742-1814, New Jersey, Colonel in the Continental Army, Member of Continental Congress, a Judge of the Northwest Territory